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Finished, 4/16: I got bad about updating along the way. I did end up ripping about 8 rows back after joining the second ball of yarn and going back and alternating rows to try and make it a more natural transformation. I did the same with the sleeves, but none of the other balls were quite as light as the first. They all were the same dye-lot though!

I made the sleeves come to my wrist because I decided I would be more comfortable with it that way.

I got nervous about the width of the cables, that it wasn’t going to meet in the front, so I ended up doing some extra rows for the neckband to make that wide. (I did try steam blocking a little to see how that worked, but it didn’t do much). But a full blocking made such a difference, and spread all the cables out so much nicer! But I’m still glad my band is wider, that helped.

I like that I increased to the 2x for the bottom, but there is a little extra fabric on the back of the sweater in that area. Next time, I may try to figure out a better way to increase that wouldn’t case this. The increases were under the arm, but maybe putting them closer to the front half would have kept it from making the back pooch a little.

My button is silver, and the button hole is a little big. I think if I reinforce the button hole some, it might help.

I love wearing this, it’s wonderful!

Update, 3/2: I’ve separated off the arm sections and begun on the attached stockingette before starting the cable ribs. I’m adding stitches on both sides under the armhole to increase the 16 stitches between the 1X and 2X sizes. I’m on my second ball of yarn (on the 4th) and it’s a little more green with less variegation, but hopefully that won’t be so noticeable because I’m so close to the change to cable rib anyhow. I am LOVING knitting this, it’s just wonderful yarn and a great pattern that makes sense.

Started 2/21/08. Turned one hank into a ball, swatched and was right on, and started knitting. Still must wind the other balls!

Original Note: I think this will be my next sweater. Trying to pick a yarn and color – I saw someone mention they used a yarn that had a similar yarn in a sock/fingering weight, and I think that’s a super idea to coordinate a sweater and socks.

frogged 2015

BeganFebruary 22, 2008
FinishedApril 16, 2008
EditedJune 20, 2016
Pattern URLMr Greenjeans by 21580
Made forme
Size made1X top to 2X bottom?

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