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Neopolitan Knitting Bag

I took this pattern as inspiration and made it my own with a custom bottom, working circularly instead of flat, and eyelets for a drawstring before the handles.

Bottom notes: I used short rows to make the center of the base be wider. Then I used short rows on the sides to create a boat-like shape before starting on the spiral.

I lined the bottom with some fabric, but would like to go back and line the whole bag from the base of the handle to the bottom. Someone in my knitting group suggested using t-shirt material so it would keep the stretchyness of the bag.

I used 3 colors for the main spiral portion, to give it visual interest and make it more Neopolitan-y.

I did a series of decreases in the top to make it pull in more before the eyelets (for the drawstring).

Because of the holeyness, I made a small pouch with a button to store my smaller accessories. As long as I stick my needles into the yarn I’m working or have a small bag for my dpns, they don’t fall out the sides.

I’m proud of this, it really turned out nice, and makes a great bag for my current knitting project. Plus, it was inexpensive because I used cotton yarn and I already had all of it from making dishclothes.

BeganJanuary 24, 2008
FinishedJanuary 30, 2008
EditedFebruary 25, 2008
Pattern URLGlitter Knitter's Bag by 46700
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