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happy home

Story behind “happy home” – Tried on sweater at Happy Knits in Portland as part of the knitbot trunk show. The sample fit me perfect at that point in my weight loss (late January). Found that the sample sweater I had tried on was knit by cocoknits and set out to find the yarn she had knit with. Little Knits had a discontinued color on clearance, and I lucked out on this luxury yarn I wouldn’t normally have been able to splurge on.

The colorway of the found yarn was Paw Paw. I grew up in Paw Paw, MI, until we moved to WA when I was 10! The idea of a cardi with the word “Contented” in the name appealed to me immensely because I’ve been overhauling my health. Plus, I found it at Happy Knits. Hence the project name “happy home”.

size, pre-blocking, post-blocking:
size 6: 21st/4, 20st/4
size 7: 19.5st/4, 19st/4
size 9: 18st/4, 17.5st/4
…so the swatch grew slightly after blocking

Adjustments: started with smallest size on the top and added one additional set of increases as I went to the bottom. Used cocoknits mod for lower cable to showcase my smallest point of my back. Alternated skeins after separating off for the sleeves, including alternating in the sleeves. Knit sleeves two at a time after getting the first few rows picked up and ready. The bottom bind off edge was done a little more loosely than I wanted, but blocking actually fixed this very well.

Cast on Labor Day weekend, bound off 10/6, blocked 10/7 and 8, wove in ends 10/9.

BeganAugust 23, 2013
FinishedOctober 9, 2013
EditedOctober 10, 2013
Pattern URLContented Cardi by 216800
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