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Romanesca socks

swatched personal footprint concept on a single toe and didn’t like yarn. switched to yarn I liked, 2-at-a-time and one of the patterns further in the book that caught my eye as easy but not too hard to follow while setting up my footprint. yeah, yeah, I coulda done a plain version first, but you know me, I jump 😀

The name: i always like giving fun names, and this one came to me before researching. The pattern is Roman Sandal Socks, so I wanted something reflecting that. The colorway of the yarn is Tuscany. Romanesca is an Italian song form. So it fits 🙂

Toe made as written. Didn’t start patterning until I knew it was fitting over my toenails.

Sole increases are divided up instead of 6 in a row, it’s 3 in a row several rows apart. May make it more gradual looking?

BeganApril 18, 2011
FinishedJune 17, 2011
EditedJune 20, 2011
Pattern URLRoman Sandal Socks by 141817
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