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Mr DarkGreenjean socks

Finished, April 21. These were toe-up. I did a short row toe, and a heel with a gusset to better accentuate the cable on the side.

Not-so-noticeable flaw: I started the first sock with the first cables being twisted every 4 row. Somewhere around the third repeat, I got off on my counting and did the rest of the sock twisting every 3 rows. I didn’t realize it until I was almost finished with the leg!

Interesting fact: I bought a scale for these socks because I wasn’t sure how I’d evenly divide otherwise. I had about 2 yards left at the end, and if I hadn’t measured along the way, I would have been freaking out at how close that was!

I didn’t do very good gauging on the cable pattern to realize how much more it was going to pull in on the leg than it did on the foot (because there was so many more on the leg). So I ended up ripping back to where the heel ended (about 2”) and adding more increases there. I did 4 increases at a time, in the purl rows on either side of the side cables. And then I made a design decision to add some knits in the middle to make it end up more like ribbing because of how many increases I ended up making (total of 4 x 4 = 16).

These socks are a little bit tight (not unwearable though), and they are pretty and I’ll know better for next time.

Original note: I’m creating these socks based on the cables for my Mr DarkGreenjeans sweater.

BeganFebruary 25, 2008
FinishedApril 21, 2008
EditedApril 24, 2008
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