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Halloween Superpowers

I’m feeling extra spooky/witchy/halloween-y this year. So I really needed a shawl to match this feeling.

Enter, my design, the Superpowers shawl. When I was setting up the blog, and wanted my patterns to be available #offrav, it was joyful to look at my pics again to add the pattern to payhip. It made me want to knit another. This pattern features a whole comic book storyline for choosing colors and pics to go with all of that, and I had forgotten JUST how much fun I had putting it together.

I found a great combo of yarn on etsy from Nanette Wake Studios. I wanted a multicolor with my fav halloween colors, and a lighter speckle to stripe with it. And then minis to do the accents like i-cord and edgings before and after the cable/lace section.

Making it all the more fun is my Shelli.can “Wool Witch” bag. It feels like making magic when I craft!

Used the idea of #80 from this crochet book, but with a little of my own twist. Added beads on row 2 and 4 using superfloss. Between beaded bind off and beaded crochet border, used almost a full hank of glossy black beads.

  • color c1: Spooky
  • color c2: Halloween Candy
  • color i1: Frankencandy multi
  • color b1 (before): Frankencandy dark orange, then Frankencandy light orange
  • color b2 (lace): Halloween Candy
  • color b1 (after): Frankencandy pink, then Frankencandy green
  • color for several rows and then beaded bind off: Frankencandy multi
  • color for gothic lace crochet: Spooky

Used all but a few yards of the multicolor mini skein, and the rest of the others minis. And most of the large skeins.

  • September 4: Winding minis by hand is happy to me, so a Saturday night where I let that be part of my fun is a good night.
  • September 5: Cast on my first wedge.
  • September 10: 2 1/2 wedges in! Alternating knitting on this with my Ripple Crop Top.
  • September 19: watched season 1 of Departure.
  • September 21: 5 wedges in with Buffy “The Wish” watch party.
  • September 22: 7 1/2 wedges in with ZKN Wednesday.
  • Beginning of October: Choosing to do more colors before and after the Cable & Lace section – dark and light orange above and pink and green below.
  • Cable & Lace section: skipping the knitting on the WS row to cut out the extra bumps around the lace part.
  • October 14: started beaded bind off.
  • midway through week of October 18: started crochet beaded bind off.
BeganSeptember 4, 2021
FinishedOctober 23, 2021
EditedOctober 23, 2021
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