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bag of health

started knitting for fitbloggin, didn’t pay full attention to the pattern segment, and so I improvised while in sessions. Alternating between colors. Plan to use for carrying produce at the farmers market, plus it was started during fitbloggin, hence the name.

knitted the base slightly longer. listened to Riki Lindhome’s podcast with Fran Kranz on the bus while starting it. Then used it as a focusing piece during several sessions at fitbloggin. Knit as we traveled around the northwest with my inlaws and finished it on their last day here.

I went all willynilly with adjustments to the pattern and added color stripes. also picked up and knit on a second base for the bag to give it more stability when full. completely improved the handles. realized as I was doing the handles that it only had 3 corners and had to drop down to create the 4th 😀

Special thanks to Erica for a well written pattern! my deviations are nothing but me having fun without the pattern close at hand 🙂

BeganJuly 7, 2013
FinishedJuly 21, 2013
EditedAugust 2, 2013
Pattern URLBag Ban Grocery Bag by 401052
Made forkristine

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