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PLANNING: Use TdF2021 handspun (DnD Fibers) for main color. Sun Valley in Wine, Onyx, and Intermission are coming for the colorwork. Plan to continue colorwork at the underbust (possibly with a band of corrugated ribbing first). Bought the pattern from Jessica McDonald’s site.

My inspiration photo for Cinder by Jessica McDonald.
  • September 26: wound yarn and swatched in the round
  • September 28: cast on, and the neck opening was too small.
  • October 2/3: cast on again, after some math to get it started at 164 for ribbing and then increasing to 200 for first colorwork row. That’s 27.33″ instead of 22″ for the opening.
  • October 7: three color fair isle isn’t so bad, except when I need to trap the strands that are in the same hand, and then my fibro-ish fumbliness gets me tripped up because it’s not a familiar motion. I’ll keep practicing because I really love how it looks and want to use it on more projects.
  • October 15: nearing end of fair isle chart, and unsure how to adapt for my bigger neckline to know when to be ready to start the short rows! Moving to a longer (50″ x 2) needle to try it on.
BeganSeptember 26, 2021
FinishedNovember 19, 2021
EditedOctober 15, 2021
Pattern URLCinder by
Size made56
Yarn used
2703 yards total
  • TdF2021 DnD handspun, 1093 yards
  • Sun Valley Fibers DK BFL in Wine, 920 yards
  • Sun Valley DK BFL in Onyx, 460 yards
  • Sun Valley DK BFL in Intermission, 230 yards

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