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After a mighty long hiatus from socks , making an attempt again.

Last pairs were too small for my feet, in 2018/2019. My feet spread out with my PTTD. And I was knitting at such a tight gauge, my hands were hurting too.

So I’m doing these still on my US 1, but attempting to not make them so bulletproof, with a lot of trying on along the way to ensure they won’t be too snug – instead of trusting my previous numbers.

Using my normal toe from Cat Bordhi, with Judy’s Magic Cast on, 2 at a time. Cast on 14, increasing to probably 40 to start with, and then a few more gradual increases until I’m over my big toe joint. Then a mini gusset from the end/middle of my arch to my heel.

July 25

Increasing to 40 or 42 was just too much, so I went back and stopped at 38. This still will be a little loose for swollen feet days. At about the 2″ mark from the toe upward, added an increase on each end of the top of the sock to give a little more ease there for the rounded shape of my foot.

September 24

Attempting this! knit to 7 1/4” long before heel. heel over 42st: 1-13-14-13-1.

Finished right after Halloween!

BeganJuly 13, 2022
FinishedNovember 1, 2022
EditedDecember 31, 2022
Yarn used
300 yards total
  • Fibernymph zk 2021 goodie bag yarn, 300 yards

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