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V backfront tee

This tee appeals to me as a way to use a variety of colors together! I love the v in the pattern, but I plan to wear that to the front instead of the back.

I chose 5 yarns that had some orange in them, where I alternated multicolor and semi-solids between each other in the tiers.

Accidently did the color transition chart upside down and didn’t notice until a few tiers in! So I left it, and the one during the short rows was improvised to pull in color 1.

Did not do the decreases on the side panel every time, just every inch or so. This should give it more of a loose flowy feel.

Short rows were done more infrequently to keep some of the v in the hem. (every 8 stitches instead of 4). Added the same increases in the hem ribbing as the v-neck had to give it that extra point.

BeganMay 5, 2022
FinishedWork in progress
EditedJune 30, 2022
Pattern URLThe V-back Tee by Jamie Hoffman
Size madeSize 7 (55")

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