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Ripple Top to Walk This Way in

I’ve made several Ripple Bralettes, and so the Ripple Crop Top was very enticing to me. I love that the designer, Jessie Mae Martinson, is size inclusive and doesn’t shy away from showing fat people in her pictures.

I bought a rerelease color from Molly Girl Yarns called Walk This Way, a nice gray with black and hot fuchsia speckles. This yarn base is Boogie Woogie and is 85% Italian Superwash Merino and 15% nylon, and I’m not sure I’ve had any yarn that specifies it’s Italian before!

On swatching, I was a little under on the width and definitely fewer rows by height, but it was as loose of a fabric as I wanted to go, I could already see through it. So I’m knitting the next size up at 63″ bust (instruction is 5-7″ positive ease). I’ll always layer it over something else, whether it’s a ripple bralette or a tank or even more likely, a dress.

When casting on, because it was so many stitches, I did it with both ends of the yarn instead of trying to be accurate on pulling out enough yarn. Just means I’ll have extra ends to weave it, but that’s fine. I cast on with the Twisted German Cast on because I wanted to ensure I had enough stretch, and I like how it looks on ribbing.

I’m using continental Norwegian purls again to get proficient at this skill, after starting on it with my Christmas in July wristers.

I intended to make this longer, and bought 5 skeins of yarn to do so. But then I got to thinking I’d rather end it before it goes over my tummy to be more flattering with the ribbing. So I stopped and used 2.7 skeins. I’ll find something else to use this yarn!

  • September 1st, I had about 6″ of ribbing so far. I’ll be doing the less cropped version that is 11.5″ before separating for the front and back.
  • September 6th, I separated off for the front and knit the inch before needing to start the neckline.
  • September 10th, front is complete and working on the back.
  • September 13th, 3-4” remain on the back from the separation point.
  • September 15th, started first sleeve
  • September 18th, finished second sleeve!
  • September 20th, wove in ends.

BeganAugust 21, 2021
FinishedSeptember 18, 2021
EditedSeptember 22, 2021
Pattern URLRipple Crop Top by
Size made4XL 63"
Yarn used
1175 yards total
  • Molly Girl Boogie Woogie in Walk This Way, 1175 yards

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