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Raven Wrap

Started February 11th so I’d have it going to bring to knit-in that night.

Worked on it alternating with my Stripey socks, until the needle broke. Then it was “all-wrap, all the time”. Finished on a Saturday afternoon 10 days after starting. It was a wonderful lace pattern, especially after I charted it out so I could see it more easily.

It’s currently blocking and I need to weave in the ends, so it’s not quite done.

I got some amethyst ribbon to run through the eyelets. I plan on wearing it like a short sleeve shrug all the time; I made it the normal width, but it’s not as long due to the slightly heavier weight of the yarn. Will be perfect for the spring/fall!

BeganFebruary 24, 2009
FinishedFebruary 21, 2009
EditedApril 1, 2009
Pattern URLConvertible by 1572
Made forme
Size made46"

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