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Heart of the Atlantic shawl

I’ve been spending more time on knitting Twitter after stopping updating Ravelry, and find some faces getting family (my Accessibility Crafters list has some of these people). Rachy Newin is one of those people. When I saw the Heart of the Atlantic Shawl, I was excited to try something crochet that had more techniques I hadn’t tried before.

I cast on this shawl while I was watching Westworld, so it is what I think of when I pick it back up!

I do have to follow along the beginning, middle and end of the row pretty carefully with the pattern, it’s not intuitive enough for my inexperienced crochet self.

This handspun is a bit more thick and thin than it could be, so the shawl isn’t looking as structured in a consistent fashion. It’s going to be a little more compressed than open, unless blocking is more magic than normal. I probably could have gone up a needle size or two. I still think it’s going to be a cool use of this handspun that I hadn’t found a good use for.

BeganMay 29, 2021
FinishedWork in progress
EditedSeptember 21, 2021
Pattern URLHeart of the Atlantic by
Yarn used
688 yards total
  • Three Fates 85% Merino 15% Nylon handspun in Blue Jeans, 688 yards

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