Christmas in July wrister progress
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Christmas in July wristers

My friend Randi declared she wanted to knit some Christmas things during the summer, and Alicia shared some of her holiday-themed yarn! I decided on some nice wristers to wear over the edge of my coat during the holiday, no thumbholes, just stretchy enough to pull back and see my watch.

Cast on the cuff in the coordinating color with the German twisted cast on 80 stitches and did 1×1 rib for about an inch. Switched to multicolor and 3×1 rib for the body.

Knit two at a time on two circular needles, and it actually felt nice to have these small needles in my hands after a long break since knitting socks. It makes me feel like I might try another pair of socks again sometime soon, which might be a victory! I did knit this a little less tight than I would socks, even though it’s the same needle size, so I would need to determine if that was just how tight I was holding my needles to try and get more dense socks or actually a gauge choice I should be going down to size 0s for socks.

Using this project to practice Norweigan purling in continental style. This is a modification on traditional continental purling where the yarn doesn’t need to be in the front for purling: it makes a twist on the stitch itself so the yarn rotates into the stitch and still forms a purl bump. It might be a little faster when ribbing for me. It also was keeping my hand from cramping up when I was making my normal larger movements to have the yarn in front and below the needles. These two blog posts seemed to have better diagrams for me over viewing videos: or Single stitch.

Using my Kitchen Counter Crafter Christmas large Moka Pot bag.

used 49g of yarn, 20g left between the two colors. Wove in ends 8/9.

BeganJuly 5, 2021
FinishedAugust 8, 2021
EditedAugust 10, 2021
Yarn used
214 yards total
  • West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4Ply, 214 yards

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