The many textures of Love You Zombie
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Love Ewe Zombies

My usual annual event each summer is the Zombie Knitpocalypse, in Rochester MN. This has extended into the Zombie Knitting Network, and I’ve formed more relationships, especially while giggling late at night on Zoom.

So since my health required more vigilance to appointments in 2021 instead of the retreat, some of my friends volunteered to pick out some yarn for me for a shawl I had my eye on. They started with a speckled lavender skein called Lady Bird from Suburban Stitcher, and so I wanted to make sure and make that front and center on this shawl. Then came a new-to-me brand of Jems Luxe Fibers in the colorway Cronus’s Victory, a natural base with speckles that totally go with the Lady Bird, with purples and reds and navy and golds. Finally, Sun Valley Fibers MCN ties it all together with Purple Passion, a rich, regal purple.

The shawl is Love Ewe Baby by Susanne Sommer. You can purchase her patterns through payhip from that link. I’ve knit her Shawl Shrug a previous year during ZK and loved it, and own several more of her patterns. She uses neat techniques, and unique directions and shapes. She isn’t afraid of color!

I added extra sections to this shawl to use all of the yarn, and it always feels good when the choices I’ve made to extend something feel natural like it was meant to be there when I finish. But with all this delicious yarn, I really wanted it all to be in there, and give me a touch larger shawl which I love as well. I ended the final brioche section as in the pattern (SVF with SS), added a garter asymmetrical short row section (JLF), and then an additional brioche section in the colors that didn’t have one (SS with JLF). It added maybe 4″ at the center and more on the right side of the shawl because of the short rows. I like this a lot 🙂

The joy of getting to knit with my friends online after ZK brought it full circle. I have a hug to remind me of friendship and this year any time I want to put it on.

July 27Casting on surrounding the Olympic Games. I’ll be using the Cronus and Purple Passion for the first brioche section.
August 4finished garter stripe section while on Wednesday night ZKN chat, and started in on the seed stitch in the 3rd color (Lady Bird).
August 6started in on brioche section to go into the weekend. Missed the extra increases on the center and had to go back a row and a half, which was slow! By the end of the weekend, it looks like I’ll have plenty of yarn to extend this section as long as I can and then possibly use alternate options for the i-cord bind off that would normally be in color B (SVF).
August 11finished color B (SVF) after adding as many repeats as possible. Now deciding what to do next!
August 13Started an asymmetric garter section out of the first color (Jem Luxe), and then a brioche section out of the two remaining colors (Jem Luxe and Suburban Stitcher).
August 18finished off the final brioche section and did an I-cord bind off with the Suburban Stitcher Ladybird. Had no idea I was only like a yard from running out of yarn! Completed the bind off with minutes to spare before midnight on Wednesday night ZKN chat.
August 20Picked up stitches on the top, knit one row, and then did an i-cord bind off with about 7g of a mini skein from Randi in a coordinating purple with a little more red in it than the SVF color. This got me another friend in the mix! Wove in the ends too.
BeganJuly 26, 2021
FinishedAugust 20, 2021
EditedAugust 21, 2021
Pattern URLLove Ewe Baby by
Size madeLarger than the original to use all of the yarn.
Yarn used
1351 yards total
  • Jem Luxe Fiber Luxe Sock in Cronus's Victory, 463 yards
  • Suburban Stitcher Sock in Lady Bird, 460 yards
  • Sun Valley Fibers MCN in Purple Passion, 400 yards
  • Unknown reddish purple fingering weight from Randi, 28 yards

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