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spindle bag

Used the idea from puckgirl in Yarnings thread: Yarn Ball Cozy from a CD canister.

E found me a 100 CD spindle case. Started with round crochet base very dense to fit just under the size of the canister. Then started a loose pattern into the base and around. Switched colors as I went to always have a natural base – chocolate and natural for the bottom, all natural for the middle, and a strawberry pink with natural for the top. Then I added a dense strap from the base to the top, and two smaller straps to cinch at the top of the cd part of the case, and the second at the very top.

The spindle fits into the little notch of the cd case, and it kept things mostly protected during my trip on the train. I actually stuck the case in my basket-purse for added stability.

BeganMarch 1, 2011
FinishedFebruary 12, 2011
EditedMarch 1, 2011
Made forme
Size madeto fit tall cd case + my spindle

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