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knitting along with the Knit Knit Cafe podcast KAL.

Yarn was purchased at OFFF 2011, and it’s got some silk content like the original pattern. The colorway is Echo, ala Dollhouse. With silver, ooh Shiny!

This skein is just a little short for the larger shawl so I did the smaller version. Did one extra set of rows at the very end for an extra purl bump, and that was about it for the yarn, a very small ball remains.

Cast on to relax my brain for an hour at Gamestorm, which some people might think me crazy, but it totally uses a diff part of my brain 🙂

Took a break from knitting this to do baby knitting for both sisters. Picked it back up this week with only a few rows left on the 3rd feather and fan segment and the sandoller lace. This went quite fast for bedtime knitting.

As I started at a game con, it seems appropriate to finish and bind off at a local game day!

5/27: bound off, must block and take pics.

BeganMarch 23, 2012
FinishedMay 27, 2012
EditedJune 2, 2012
Pattern URLEbbtide by 295478
Made forme
Size madesmall

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