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Leah’s Grad blanket

When my eldest niece was born, I wasn’t knitting yet. So she never got a blanket from me as a little one like most of the other kiddos did. When she graduated from High School and her AS degree at the same time, I wanted to knit her something special.

This blanket is a color-blocked brioche blanket, with a solid gray color on one side and 4 speckled colors in a jewel-toned theme of green, blue, purple, and pink on the other. I did not use a pattern, just cast on what looked like the appropriate number of stitches and started doing 2 color brioche.

Began on with a 2 color italian cast on – the Brioche Stitch site has diagrams of the process. Finished with a corresponding sewn bind off, I think this from Sunday Knits were the pictures that helped.

BeganApril 19, 2021
FinishedJune 18, 2021
EditedJuly 14, 2024
Made forLeah
Yarn used
1739 yards total
  • Knit Picks Comfy Worsted, 863 yards
  • Knit Picks Comfy Color Mist Worsted, 876 yards

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