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Knee socks

Started to work on the night of book sale setup (had to be at the mall for extra hours).

Two socks on two circs. Using Riverbed + Fleegle Heel + a herringbone stitch + lace on the foot and sides. Heel, toe, and cuff will be purple. Hope to use a picot hem with eyelets for a ribbon, probably a 1/2” satin purple if I can find a close color match.

Zooming along on this, even though I ripped out the heels because the foot was a little too short and started them again. Pictures to follow.

4/5: Finished binding off with picot BO. Ends need to be woven in still.

BeganFebruary 7, 2009
FinishedApril 5, 2009
EditedMay 26, 2009
Pattern URLRiverbed Master Sock by 21993
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