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happy clapotis scarf

Tripling the yarn on size 9 needles to make for a nice fabric but not too heavy. It took me a while to start because I had to wind 440 yards x 3 into balls by hand!

Finished, November 28. I used the Drop Scarf pattern, but modified it to make the scarf longer, doing section 3 a full 13 times like the Clapotis pattern has. The rest was done the same way as the Drop Scarf.

The scarf was pretty curly when I got done with it, but blocking did WONDERS. I put the scarf gently in a sinkful of water with a little soft soap and then carefully washed it and patted dry before laying out on a big towel and moved it into straight lines. And there are so many ways this could be worn, I really love how it turned out.

I have lots of yarn left, probably not enough for another one the same way, but at least one whole skein divided up into 3 balls.

BeganNovember 19, 2007
FinishedNovember 1, 2007
EditedDecember 16, 2007
Pattern URLDrop Scarf by 2458
Made forLorna
Size madelong version, see notes

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