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Chocolatty Armwarmers for Lisa

Rather than using the cable pattern in the SNB book, I really liked lixolux’s picture and so I tried making a 6 stitch plait (from Knitting on the Edge). That worked out great, I just had to adjust where the cable started by moving a few stitches between the needles, and a little more adjusting when I came to the thumb increases to be sure it was between purls.

I used a loose bind off, and I think I could have done it just a tad bit tighter to keep the opening closer to the fingers, but it’s not too bad.

This yarn was not my favorite I’ve knit with, I had to keep really loose tension with my hands to keep it from curling up behind the needles. But it sure is nice colors and cheaper and more easily available than Noro or the like. I also found that my second skein did not have the same color repeat as the first, anywhere within the skein. So I had to create my own colorway by trimming it apart so they matched. This did allow me to complete it with only one skein and make a matching scarf.

The scarf was 14 stitches wide, and randomly featured the cables in the center 6 stitches the same as the armwarmers.

BeganNovember 13, 2007
FinishedDecember 1, 2007
EditedDecember 16, 2007
Pattern URLHurry Up Spring Armwarmers by 524
Made forLisa

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