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Betiko ala Madrona

Cast on in train to Madrona!

Top border: garter, 5” tall.
Wedge: used for social knitting and did much further than necessary. slightly asymmetrical!
Main section: began striping with the lavender yarn – 4 rows of lav, then 2 rows of main
Bottom border: garter, 2 1/4” tall. striped with the lav yarn changing colors on the outer edge – 2 rows of lav, then 3 rows of main. ran out of lav close to the end and just finished with main.
Crochet edge: finished off the bottom edge (since I changed colors out the outer edge) with a row of single crochet. all better!

final notes: I wish I had done less wedge so that I could have more of the lavender striping showing. If I bunch it up around my neck, the effect is more closer to what I expected. This is a huge shawl, really cozy, but a bit clown-colored! Good use of this discount yarn tho, and I made matching socks. If I fold over the garter top, it has a shawl-color effect and makes the whole thing a little less heavy on the main color.

The pattern was brilliant, and I certainly can see trying it again with a lighter yarn and having a very different affect 🙂 And I got to try new techniques and that makes me very happy.

BeganFebruary 20, 2011
FinishedMarch 11, 2011
EditedMarch 20, 2011
Pattern URLBetiko by 210940
Made forme
Size madelarger

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