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Angles Crochet Tunic

Holding pink alpaca Peruvian laceweight from a cone with the Zauberball to get a fabric I like. I’ll have to weigh the project to figure out the yardage of the laceweight.

ZK2021/ZKN KAL, Try Something New: first time crocheting a garment!

1/8: first try, just the zauberball was too small. Bumped up the needle size and it was still not quite there.
1/10: restarted with holding two yarns together. Loved this fabric! This is only slightly bigger than the gauge called for, so I’m still planning to engineer an additional size to the pattern. Also, I intend on wearing it over something, so that additional size is important for that too.
1/11: knitting this while watching Falling Skies on HBO Max, and so those memories are being crocheted in.
1/17: realizing that even with adding an additional size, my depth on the gauge of the side of the work is not tall enough for the armhole. Considering my arms are slightly larger than 10 1/2” even if it was that tall, I’m going to need to add more. I think I’ll lace up the sides inside of making a side seam. That will give more ease on either side of the arms and more width around my body.
2/22: once I got a good floaty bottom edge going, I just kept going in pattern. Plan to add a section on the top of the front panel to bring the V down farther. The back will not go down as far as the front, #wheelchairfriendly !!

Very much just inspired by the pattern than following the pattern 🙂

BeganJanuary 14, 2021
FinishedFebruary 28, 2021
EditedMarch 7, 2021
Pattern URLAngles Tunic by 913506
Made forme
Size madeXXXL (added one larger size)
Yarn used
3517 yards total
  • Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball, 840 yards
  • Malabrigo Yarn Mechita in Granada, 919 yards
  • Laceweight peruvia alpaca, 1758 yards

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