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Snow Thank You nakniswemo

knit to pattern until 2 1/2” under arm.

Added corrugated ribbing with handspun for 8 rows. Increased under this band about every 8 stitches to give a little more fullness to the body. Also increased on side seams every 10 rows for an a-line look.

For sleeves, started with the instructions of teal and gray for one stripe each. Then 2 rows of teal, a band of 4 rows of corrugated ribbon, and 2 more rows of teal. Began striping handspun (from either end of the ball, so each sleeve is unique) with the gray for the rest of the sleeve, keeping decreases as listed in pattern. note: because I made the sweater oversized, I didn’t need as much length to the sleeves.

Bottom has teal striped with a small corrugated band, the rest of the handspun, and the rest of the grey.

All bind offs are 1 x 1 twisted rib.

The gloss DK was catching on my fingers where they were rough (I was training on my wheelchair at the time too), and I can see some spots that even after the first wear are slightly abraded. But I’m not going to hesitate wearing it.

BeganDecember 6, 2017
FinishedNovember 29, 2017
EditedDecember 6, 2017
Pattern URLSnow Thank You Sweater by 752507
Made forme
Size made50", with extra room added under bust

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