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Warm Heart Socks

I love this pattern and purchased tan, green, and plum colored yarn for it.

Started mid-September.

Update: Finished sock one on October 16th.

Updated 2/08: I’m about 1/2 done with the second sock. HIBERNATING. I’m tired of these! My guage is looser than I’d like, the weaving of the yarn for the stripes takes more time than I’d like (even though I know I’m saving time at the end), and my colorwork is looser than I would like. The colors are wrong for the spring anyhow, so I’m going to set them aside and maybe I’ll feel the love more towards the end of summer. E says “rip them out” but because it’s striped, it wouldn’t be usable again for much.

BeganSeptember 15, 2007
FinishedWork in progress
EditedFebruary 24, 2008
Pattern URLHeart to Heart socks by 4947
Made forme
Size madeto pattern

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