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Liam’s baby blanket

Use Comfy Sport for the crochet motifs, and weigh skeins.
6/23: knit 2 cashew panels, one large honey dew, and part way thru one large ivory.
6/25: finished all knitted panels, started on crochet test samples out of Comfy Sport.
6/27: knit 4 of the 8 crochet squares.

Final: Used large knitted modern rectangles intermixed with colorful granny squares (in honor of my grandma who was a crocheter). Used a zigzag motion to edge each square in the fedora dark brown, and then crocheted several rows and a shell alternate sides to give it a little more warm feeling.

Still need to weight leftover yarn to get exact amounts used.

BeganJune 22, 2009
FinishedAugust 1, 2009
EditedFebruary 3, 2010
Made forLiam
Size madeabout 25" x 30"

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