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Forks Socks

Knit on these over the thanksgiving trip, a few knit nights, and I’m just still not feeling it. Ripping to reuse the yarn for a baby sweater I think.

11/20: ripped again and cast on again, this time doing the chart not upside down; better but yarn striping isn’t showing things off to full effect. that’s okay, i’m happier with it at least!
11/19: didn’t like my mod to do toe-up, the eyelets just weren’t matching up nicely after first full repeat of the foot chart.
11/18: knit in line for Breaking Dawn and waiting for it to start!
11/17: cast on again.
11/16: Cast on. didn’t like sloppiness.

Initial note: Going to try and do something like this pattern but from the toe-up.

BeganNovember 18, 2011
FinishedJanuary 10, 2012
EditedJanuary 10, 2012
Pattern URLForks Socks by 207716
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