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zombie hermoine

for the ZK KAL, using marketplace yarn and designer showcase pattern. started Gamestorm weekend.

This yarn is thinner than my norm, so I am doing a few more stitches than normal to make them fit better and still keep the size 1 needles and the gauge I prefer (on this yarn, about 10st/in.) These should wear well, although it’s not as soft as I enjoy knitting with. The splatter technique on this skein is hiding my attempts at patterning a bit, but I’m trying out Hermoine’s Every Day Sock texture nonetheless.

JMCO 12 st. inc to 36st, start Hermoine pattern on instep needles. mid-foot, start slipping first and last stitch every other round for an edge. inch or so after that, increase up to 38st, instep and sole. FLKH over 38 stitches (12-12-12 division). increase up to 40st after heel to create sl-k1-sl design feature on the sides. start Hermoine pattern about a half inch above the heel. Did interesting merge from Hermoine -> broken rib -> 1×1 rib. bind off in JSSBO.

BeganMarch 22, 2015
FinishedApril 12, 2015
EditedMay 1, 2015
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