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Purple Snow

the cast on is tricky. I kept trying to rotate the work (ala a sock toe) instead of turn. envision making rainbow shaped arcs with the 5-stitch on each end as the tips of the rainbow.

Worked on this for one evening, then knitting in, and then I decided I wanted to wear it the next day so I listened to a bunch of podcast and finished it. such a good pattern!

I have not yet blocked it, but it’s slightly loose on me. considering stringing a piece of yarn through the outer edge to slightly tighten it. Bonus, I took it off after being out all day and it didn’t squoosh my hair beyond all recognition. yes!

Naming it Purple Snow – I was really inspired to knit a hat like this after watching Once Upon A Time and seeing Mary Margaret (aka Snow aka Snow White), and so I had to get that in the name. plus, we had a seriously unexpected late March snowfall the first day I wore it, so I’ll remember that.

3/27: blocked and dried, wove yarn through outer edge and this worked perfect.

BeganMarch 18, 2012
FinishedMarch 21, 2012
EditedMarch 30, 2012
Pattern URLAlmond Comfit by 295391
Made forme! my first hat!
Size madelarge

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