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a girl wizard

inspired by ploverbird’s, seen at ZK2014. Knitting in ThreeFates at the same time as her giveaway on the Yarnings Podcast.

a girl wizard is named in homage to Eskarina from Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett… the yarn colorway is Merlin so it fits in.

Began in April to celebrate my birthday month! Also fits nicely with Stockinette Zombie’s Wishing for Warmer Weather KAL.

Added a bunch of increases in the back for fullness. this lets me attach it on the top with clasps too.

BeganApril 10, 2015
FinishedApril 20, 2015
EditedMay 1, 2015
Pattern URLDrifting by 245651
Made forme!
Size made41 1/2

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