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Strawberry Wyrvens

First try at 2 socks on 2 circs toe up with a figure 8 cast on!

Worked on this during the Stephanie Pearl-McPhee talk on Earth Day.

In Kingdom Hearts, there is an enemy called a Wyvern. I originally thought it said Wyrven (rhymes with Swervin’) and so that’s what I called them. I still thing that sounds more fun, so when I saw this patterns name, I couldn’t help but smile. So mine are Wyrvens, not Wyverns. 🙂

Finished May 11 on Mother’s day.

I did a figure 8 cast on and a short row heel using the ribbing on the bottom as called for on the pattern. I didn’t get gauge so I increased the stitch count and actually made the pattern stitch wider and taller slightly. Then I did increases mid-foot to help fit around my ankle – maybe I went a little too far, there’s slight sagging on the front of the ankle, but they don’t slide down at all, and they are comfy. I did a yarn over bind off for a ruffly edge.

I love this yarn. I love the colorway. I love the pattern, it was very interesting to knit. Great socks!

BeganApril 23, 2008
FinishedMay 11, 2008
EditedMay 19, 2008
Pattern URLWyvern Socks by 1189
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