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Dayflower cami

I love how this pattern looks!

I started with the higher count to allow for a more full skirt. I worked the skirt longer than the pattern requested because I wanted it to come down over my hips further. And then I wasn’t getting gauge as well as I should on the top part and so I switched needles after the after the ribbon band area and added some additional decreases to make the top snug with less ease. I had several postits going with math on them! Finally, I started picking up stitches for the straps a few more stitches in from the edge because my straps always slide down my shoulder and I was hoping this would help prevent that.

Note: Having the ribbon tied while trying this on is really important. That makes a good difference in sizing.

I loved knitting this, even though it took me a lot of time to do the lace and I had to have the chart near me at all times, it was a super nice challenge. This yarn is a delight to work with again and makes me feel all soft. I’ve had so many compliments in person on this and I just love wearing it.

BeganJune 17, 2008
FinishedJuly 3, 2008
EditedJuly 24, 2008
Pattern URLDayflower Camisole or Dress by 14698
Made forme
Size made1X

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