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TdF2021 DnD fibers

Found a new-to-me fiber dyer on Etsy, DnD Fibers, and purchased 8oz of one colorway and 8oz of another to spin up. They are both 85% polwarth and 15% tussah silk.

One colorway was a soft pink, a purple leaning pink, a steely gray, and white, and the other was soft pink leaning lavender, the steely gray, and a medium brown.

Started spinning the first of 4 bobbins before Tour de Fleece, and then spun nearly every day during the tour, finishing a little while after. It made a good relaxing spin because I knew I had a large quantity to spin and was able to just focus on spinning it the weight it wanted to be.

Originally planned to spun as a 4-ply, but as I was working on it, I decided that would give me a heavier yarn than I wanted to work with. It still turned into a DK and I was anticipating heavy Fingering-Sport based on how it looked. I think it will poof up into the DK when soaking nicely.

Spun on Wanda, my Hansen Minispinner
Preparationstripped down both pieces of roving to make a skinnier base to spin from.
WeightDK (about 250yds/100g equivalent)
WPI16 pre-washing

Finished Handspun

Resulted in 2 skeins, totaling 1093yds/442g:

  • Skein 1: 540yds/225g. (Wound on large 79″ niddy noddy – 246 wraps.). Note: purple ladybird tie on it to mark it as skein 1!
  • Skein 2: 553yds/217g (large niddy noddy – 252 wraps)
BeganJune 3, 2021
FinishedJuly 24, 2021
EditedAugust 6, 2021

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