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Vivid for Matthew

To celebrate the wedding of my youngest brother, I wanted to make something pretty for their house. Nature inspired colors because they love hiking and being on the water. I had saved a really pretty version of the Vivid blanket and was inspired by the stained glass feel the knitter had gotten.

I first tried using a magic loop and the thicker cables on my chiaogoo needles at size 9 were just too difficult, so I purchased a set of double points. It had been years since I used dpns, much less big ones like this, so it took a lot of getting used to them.

My grandma on my dad’s side would be happy I got some crochet into the project, as she was a crocheted. I used a single crochet border around each square, and then a running zipper stitch to attach the blocks together. Then a shell like border on top of more running zipper stitch to go all of the way around the blanket.

I didn’t block the square before attaching, just ran it through the washer and then dried on the rack.

The four center colorways are one skein each of Fennel, Lilac, Twilight, and Breezeway. Each square has a frame of Mocha (7 total) with Oatmeal (3 skeins) between the connecting yarn. And the edging continues use of Mocha, Oatmeal, and Fennel (one additional skein).

BeganJune 18, 2021
FinishedJuly 23, 2021
EditedJuly 24, 2021
Pattern URLVivid Blanket by Tin Can Knits by
Made forMatthew and Erica’s wedding
Yarn used
3270 yards total
  • Berroco Vintage Worsted, 3270 yards

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