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Enchanting Temptress

purchased yarn through Leslie in March

Tempest pattern + Wicked Witch and Enchanted Lake yarn colorways = Enchanting Temptress 🙂

knitting size 5 (39” bust) at the bottom to size 3 (35” bust).

used RosiG’s mod for a seamless body. CO 198 (50+1+96+1+50) using Judy’s Magic Cast On. making turned hem as follows: knit 7 rows stockinette, knit 1 row on WS for turning, knit 6 rows stockinette. on RS row, knit stitches together from front and back needle (like 3 needle bind off but without binding off). This is the first 7 rows of the first MC large stripe, and means no separate hem is needed in the finishing section of the pattern. (Do the same for sleeves? bottom up, 2 at a time?)

adjusting the size from hem to waist by adding extra decreases on the small stripes

  • small stripes 1-3: decrease as written
  • small stripes 4-7: decrease on all RS rows (4 extra decrease rows)
  • small stripe 8: decrease on first row of stripe (1 extra decrease row)
  • small stripe 9: straight stripe
  • small stripes 10-13: increase as written

8/7: folded hem complete at knit night.
8/14: finished small stripes.

decided to just do a front band instead of installing buttons, and figured if that didn’t look right with a shawl pin, I could add on crochet loops OR hook and eyes.

mc:24g left, cc: 53g left

BeganAugust 10, 2013
FinishedAugust 31, 2013
EditedSeptember 1, 2013
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