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Valentine Socks

This was my first pair of socks, and I used this pattern because it was on the shelf as a free tear off, and I knew I couldn’t go as wrong by buying the yarn specified in a pattern like this. I liked the colors a lot, I’m a big fan of valentine’s day. I purchased bamboo dpns as my first set of dpns to go with the pattern. It was nice to work a pair of socks with a little larger size needle before moving onto ones that were a smaller gauge.

I found that I wasn’t as excited about so much ribbing on my socks when I was done, but it was a good first pair and they fit fairly well. I did go without shoes for a while the first time i wore them, and the bottoms are a little fuzzy now. I’ll probably wear them more like slippers in the future and not worry about that.

There are more notes about the techniques and books that helped me in the linked blog post.

BeganJuly 12, 2007
FinishedMarch 1, 2007
EditedJuly 12, 2007
Pattern URLKnitted Socks LM0131 by 12547
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Size mademedium

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