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started for knitting during my 20th HS reunion. set aside for other obligation knitting during May.

  • Submitting for the Whatcha Swatchin podcast Oldest Anything KAL because it was my oldest Socks that Rock in my stash from my very first visit to OFFF.
  • Submitting along with my other Zombie Knitpocalypse entries since the heel is by a designer showcaser.

tip: always match your project to a project bag! this one was from Michele with one l 🙂

my vanilla sock notes for short socks:
CO 12 with JMCO.
increase to 34
several rows before heel, increase only on sole: k4, inc, k to last 4, inc, k4 -36 stitches

FKL Heel: 1 st, 11 twin sts, 12 center sts, 11 twin sts, 1 st

after 5 rows beyond heal increased 2 st on front. start 3×1 rib. after 8 rows of rib, increase 2 st on back for modified 3×1 rib (1 k st in each of the first rib and last rib on the back.

after 8 rows, bind off with JSSBO.

BeganApril 7, 2014
FinishedMay 16, 2014
EditedMay 16, 2014
Made forme

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