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I had stockpiled some Risata before it was discontinued, and then hoarded it to find the perfect project because I wouldn’t be able to get more! With upcoming summer travel, I wanted some summer tops that fit well in the shoulders and loosely flowed down. I’m loving dresses, so I wanted to optimize the length as well. I wanted length more than I wanted sleeves since it was intended for the summer.

I didn’t have the large quantity of a single color (about 5 skeins of green, and 5 total skeins of the other colors), so I choose to do smaller stripes to better utilize what I had. And then I was able to throw in some wider stripes randomly as they seemed to fit in.

gauge after blocking: 25/4”

Cast on for 38” bust. I like the idea of the short rows in the neckline, and had I understood the construction as I was working it, I may have tweaked which type of short rows I was using… they left a little more of a gap than I thought, but not enough to go back and fix.

When I came back to the sleeves, I added several single stripes of the pink/green, then did a single orange/green and a single blue/green before starting 8 rows of twisted rib. This required some careful stitching up of the ends under the arms since there were extra ends, but I love the effect of getting all the colors there.

Began increases under arms after 1” instead of waiting longer. Twisted yarns at the start of the round when possible instead of breaking yarn. Omitted pockets and just continued to work in the round. Continued increases until the end of the stripes. There were around 450 stitches around near the end!

All bind offs were with Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off knitting through the back loop on the ribbing to keep the effect all the way to the edge.

BeganApril 3, 2014
FinishedApril 23, 2014
EditedApril 27, 2014
Pattern URLLaneway by 467192
Made forme
Size made38

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