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Sarah slippers

I wanted some basic slippers. Sarah admired my library slippers with the fuzzy top and the padding in the bottom, so I wanted those to be elements of these socks too. I did short row toes and heels similar to Knitty’s Twinkle toes and then added eyelets so a piece of yarn could be woven through to tighten up the top rather than a tie around the ankle.

I think these may be a little big. I knew her feet were a size bigger than mine, but they may be a little more than that. But the padding in the bottom and the tie may have fixed that.

I waited too long to start these, and ended up working on them the morning of the party quite heavily!

BeganApril 23, 2008
FinishedApril 19, 2008
EditedApril 23, 2008
Made forSarah, my sister-in-law
Size madewomen's 9

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