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baby polygon

Worsted weight on size 7s instead of DK on 6s.

Each hexi has a single crochet border in Fairy Tale, and then they are joined with a slip stitch crochet in Lady Slipper.

Four hexagons in 7 colors make up the base of the blanket. Only did half hexagons on the short side of the blanket (4 of them in total, in multi-colors to use up the last of the balls).

Use a combination of crochet edging from “Every which way crochet borders” by Edie Eckman. The side borders have different edging colors to optimize yarn usage.

Didn’t block; just washed and dried like it probably will be treated in the future. Knit Picks Comfy just gets softer when it’s washed! I love using it for baby projects.

BeganMay 11, 2017
FinishedMay 6, 2017
EditedMay 25, 2017
Pattern URLPolygon by 690297
Made forbaby Callie Mae

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