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Palaces Out of Paragraphs

After the news that Huckleberry Knits, one of my favorite Northwest-y dyers is no longer going to be dying, I chose my final braid of her fiber from my stash to spin up. I purchased this the last time I went to OFFF with E and Leah. This is one of Scarlet’s Hamilton colorways, from Eliza’s song Burn.

The braid is Targhee/Silk – 75% American Targhee and 25% silk. The colors go from a warm cocoa brown to a medium olive green with bits of teal weaving through it, some buttery pondscum yellow, and a lovely blue teal. A little white is in the core here and there.

Finished singles on August 30.

Spun on Wanda, my Hansen Minispinner
Preparationstripped braid in half and put end to end.
Constructionchain ply
WeightDK weight, 231/skein equivalent

Finished Handspund

  • one skein: 259yd/112g.
BeganAugust 8, 2021
FinishedAugust 31, 2021
EditedAugust 30, 2021
Yarn used
259 yards total
  • Huckleberry Knits Targhee Silk handspun in Palaces out of Paragraph, 259 yards

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