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hexagon for lauren and gabe’s baby

Bought a selection of colors seen in nature and supplemented it with what was left in my baby yarn stash of the same base.  Picked hexagons for being from the “Bee” family and game inspired because a lot of board games use hexes too.

Most of the hexagons are a unique set of 3 colors.

I added some new colors of Knit Picks Comfy Worsted to the pile of what I had in stash to make a natural feeling palette with some bright pops of blue and orange for interest.  The hexis had Planetarium, Marlin, Peapod, Vinca, Celestial, Silver Safe, Rose Hip, and Seraphim, and the Whisker attached them together with a border of Vinca and Black and some extra solid Seraphim for side hexis. I did not divide out how much I used of each colors, but I know it was about 15 skeins of yarn total!

The pattern and instructions I used: Attic 24: Hexagon 24. Used a raised crochet join instead of join as you go.

BeganMarch 5, 2021
FinishedApril 6, 2021
EditedMarch 5, 2021
Pattern URLHexagon How-To by 108742
Made forBaby Brown
Yarn used
1635 yards total
  • Knit Picks Comfy Worsted, 1635 yards

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