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Happy Midsummer Nights Come Back Now!

Happy Midsummer Nights in June can come back any time! I won the Midsummer’s Night the first day at #zk2017 in the prize drawing. So I went searching for an interesting contrast at MarigoldJen’s booth on the last day. I preordered #minnesota52 so I got it at the retreat too. perfect match 🙂

I made this slightly bigger and knit until I just about ran out of yarn, on both the stripes and then the edging.

I didn’t notice the extra stitches I was supposed to do on the i-cord (partial rows) until a while into the shawl, so it isn’t as loose as it should be, but it stretched out okay in blocking.

BeganJuly 24, 2017
FinishedOctober 2, 2017
EditedDecember 6, 2017
Pattern URLFall Come Back Now Shawl by 752513
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