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Stripey Monica tank for Leah

Making out of leftover and new Shine Sport in a stripey pattern. Cast on with a lace scallop pattern to make the bottom edge special.

Made longer than the pattern and did a little shaping to make it flare slightly at the waist. The top straps are alternating colors (pink on front, green on back) because I was running out of yarn. I did tie-straps instead of attached because I thought that would be more adjustable, especially with the cotton that could stretch a touch. They are braided when I got down to 3 strands of yarn.

I did some things to make the stripes match up, but the stiches still weren’t as tight as I wanted, so I faked a seam with the pink to tighten it all up, and that really helped.

I really enjoyed making this, and hope that Leah enjoys wearing it!

BeganJune 1, 2008
FinishedJune 11, 2008
EditedJuly 16, 2008
Pattern URLMonica by 1146
Made forleah
Size made6 + extra length

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