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Healthy Jaywalking

Doing the Toe-up version with figure 8 cast-on.

I worked on these over the course of many other projects including a trip to CA, a shirt for Leah, and a tank for me.

I added increases here and there to make sure it was going to be able to fit over my heel. There’s a little hole on one of the socks where the heel connects back up, and I’m not as happy about that. These just don’t fit as well as I normally would like because they are stiffer (and that’s by design, its just this pattern). The top rib feels a little floppy, too.

I do love the stripey v-ness of them. But they aren’t my best fitting socks!

I named these the “Healthy” jaywalkers because I was learning to be healthy during these months specifically and the colorway is Arugula!

Finished before our trip to the beach mid-August.

BeganMay 23, 2008
FinishedAugust 6, 2008
EditedOctober 2, 2008
Pattern URLJaywalker by 40
Made forme
Size mademy feet

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