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basic hat for Jon

Finished, December 8, redid the head between Christmas and New Years.

Made this slightly bigger because Jon’s head was bigger than some peoples. Adjusted the stripes to be larger instead of repeaty. Can’t wait to see how it fits!

This pattern was really easy, and definitely what’s I’d recommend for a basic hat.

Full changes for Jon’s head size.
CO 81, with round 11 adding enough to be 90.
Color sequence after rib as follows: 10 rows MC, 6A, 4MC, 6B, 10MC
Decrease rounds should go all the way down more gradually, with rows as following: (k7, k2tog), (k6, k2tog), (k5, k2tog), (k4, k2tog), (k3, k2tog), (k2, k2tog), (k1, k2tog), (k2tog), knit one row even for 7 stitches remaining.

BeganDecember 16, 2007
FinishedDecember 1, 2007
EditedDecember 16, 2007
Pattern URLLondon Beanie by 2474
Made forJon

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