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Pink stretchy ballet slippers and legwarmers

When I realized I wouldn’t have enough yarn to make purple slippers, I went for an elasticy yarn I knew I could get locally.

Also some legwarmers to go with this out of the same Cascade Fixation with other worsted weight yarns (Wool Ease in a Lilac, Light Rose Heather, pink, and yellow; KnitPicks Swish SuperWash in Wisteria; KnitPicks Twist in Cotton Candy) carried alongside.

Updated: I probably could have made the legwarmers a little larger around, but they fit her now. The adjustment I made on the slippers was to slip stitches at the beginning of rows to make for a nicer edge when picking up stitches. Also, I made the ties longer, but they still should have been longer to tie the way a normal ballet slipper would.

BeganDecember 5, 2007
FinishedDecember 1, 2007
EditedJanuary 2, 2008
Pattern URLTwinkletoes by 3507
Made forLeah
Size madechild

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