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Effin Rock It

First sweater in process of the year! The idea was to find a basic tee silhouette that I could fit my shape and style easily. Something to wear over dresses or tanks and leggings. Even though the tee itself has a specific style with mohair and stripes, I was able to use my own color fill with fading colors together to make it suit me best.

This started with the yarn. Yarn Ink‘s All the Fucks set was available on a day/week that went really poorly and I figured that was a good release for my stress. From top to bottom on my sweater are: Fuck It, Fuck Off, Fuck This and Fuck That. I kept it in a Fates Thread bag with swear words on it too!

Then came the pattern. I had a few ideas but it came down to I wanted a basic tee that I could fade with a little ease to wear over a dress or shirt. Friends suggested trying the Rock It tee by Tanis Lavallée (Debbie has 3 of them!) without striping.

I’m doing some increases spread evenly over the sweater after 3″-4″ after dividing for the sleeves.

Before switching to the blue on the bottom, I did the neckline and the blue neckline. And then the sleeves. Sleeves are 13 rows of white, 3 rows pink, 3 rows purple, 13 rows of blue (with 3 sets of decreases), and then blue i-cord bind off.

Before the blue bind off at the bottom hem, I did two rows of purple, but it hides under the blue, so it wasn’t as impactful as I hoped.

Bound off with ZKN Wednesday night chat with Alicia and Whitney at the end of the night 🙂 All the effin ends to weave in now!

Size 6 for body, size 5 for i-cord and sleeves.

BeganJanuary 17, 2022
FinishedJanuary 23, 2022
EditedFebruary 11, 2022
Pattern URLRock It Tee by Tanis Lavallée
Size made60" with extra ease on body.

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