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Fuzzy lap blanket

I’m using two strands of homespun with one strand of premier. I started with 2 baroque strands, then changed to 1 purple and one tudor, and the 2 tudors, and so on.

Update, end of October: I decided to make this longer, as I miscalculated the amount of premier I had (more than I thought), so I’m doing 2 skeins of each color now. The gradient is turning out really nicely.

Update, January 08: this is too heavy to keep knitting on straight needles, so I’m going to get some tips for my circular needles to complete it. Moving to hybernation until I place the next Knit Picks order.

BeganOctober 3, 2007
FinishedNovember 28, 2010
EditedDecember 3, 2010
Made foreither me or my mother-in-law

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