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Froot Loops Inside!

Exoskeleton by Shana Cohen

Purchased yarn from Queen City Yarns: Biddleville DK in Lucky Charms x2 and Madison Park Mohair in Raspberry Beret. Purchased pattern as preorder already from payhip. Plan to make the larger size.

I love the idea that I am froot loops on the outside and pink on the inside 🙂 This yarn is actually Lucky Charms colorway but I love Froot Loops the cereal even more, so that’s my spin.

22″ needle cable.

Plenty of leftover DK weight yarn for something else (68g of the second skein). I used 20g of the 50g skein of mohair.

And froot loops make me thing of Stargate SG-1 4×7 “Window of Opportunity”.

Knitting at Stargate SG-1 4x7 “Window of Opportunity”. Ahh, Froot Loops and kissing. I am taking a break from a big project and resting and it was much needed.
BeganJanuary 18, 2022
FinishedFebruary 21, 2022
EditedFebruary 18, 2022
Pattern URLExoskeleton by Shana Cohen
Size madeLarge
Yarn used
514 yards total
  • Queen City Yarn Biddleville DK in Lucky Charms, 330 yards
  • Queen City Yarn Madison Park Mohair in Raspberry Beret, 184 yards

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